A more simple way of doing Christmas shopping…

We asked Beth, one of our library peer supporters, what was on her Christmas shopping list… Here’s what she had to say!

So this Christmas we are trying something different at our house. We having a ‘simple Christmas’. Or at least we are trying to – I’m not very good at it yet but it’s a work in progress.

Following the birth of my daughter three years ago I was hit with a rather unpleasant period of PND. For me this manifested as anxiety about being in the house alone and an intense worry about not providing enough for baby. Enough entertainment. Enough milk. Enough love. One of the ways I compensated for this was to buy ‘things’. And I bought A LOT of things. Our first Christmas with a 3 month old was bonkers with stuff I bought for her!

Fast forward 2 years and baby 2 arrived. Now having reflected on my previous experience and having identified my triggers I was much better prepared. That Christmas was much more sensible but still full of stuff.

Since then I’ve been reading up on living ‘intentionally simple’ or ‘rational minimalism’.

Now if you were to see my house there is currently not much ‘simple’ or ‘minimal’ about it. But I’m enjoying working on it step by step.

My kids don’t ‘need’ anything this Christmas and I’m keen to encourage them, and us, to not be drawn in by the need for ‘stuff’.

My living room…and house… is already much like a playgroup. So instead of filling our house with more ‘stuff’ we are being intentional with what we buy for the kids and each other. We’re aiming for 4 presents. Ish.

Something we want. Something we need. Something to wear. Something to read.

I don’t mind spending a little bit more on them as we’re happy to invest in stuff that will last and less of the stuff that will break or be quickly outgrown.

How on earth does that relate to a blog post from the Sling Library I hear you ask…

Well, I was thinking of the four things I’d get from Sling Spot (which is local to me!). Things that will last, that are an investment – a definite investment in my parenting and knowledge base. So here are my something I want, something i need, something to wear, something to read.


Want 1:1 Consult or Workshop. christmas shopping

I love learning new things. And I love slings. So I love having some one to one time with some SUPER knowledgeable people. I’ve learned loads in the few consults I’ve had.

I love workshops too. Brilliant to learn a new skill and have a good giggle in the process. It’s a lovely small group to practice and build your confidence.

Debatably, this is a need too but as I could only have one… Book your consult or  workshop at the sling library today; or you could buy a voucher for one for a friend (custom amounts are available too).


Need: Boba X carrier

boba x ziggurat

Knowing what I know now about buckle carriers I think I’d invest in a carrier that would last me from birth and well in to toddler/preschool days.

Both my kids like to be carried and I often take two buckle carriers out with me. I love the Boba X because it means I wouldn’t have to take two carriers, just the two little zip ons that extend the leg support for my older one to keep her comfy and knee to knee. They live in handy pocket too so I wouldn’t lose them!

Financially, it works out better too. The initial outlay is slightly more but you recoup that by not having to buy a toddler carrier when the baby grows out of the baby carrier.

Buy it here.


Wear:  Babywearing Coat.

Now this is a must for me. My babywearing coat has been, by a mile, one of my best purchases as a parent. I wear it all the time – with and without the kids! It’s a lovely coat on its own but it’s wonderful for babywearing and keeping us snug, close and dry! I can front and back carry or both at the same time if I want! It has easily paid for itself several times over the number of times I’ve used it. It’s also made sure that I am warm and dry (and stylish) which is not always the case if you buy an oversized coat.

You can see the Sling Spot range here. My favourites have been the Lenny Lamb fleeces and coats!

lenny lamb

Lenny Lamb softshell

Read: Why Babywearing Matters by Dr Rosie Knowles

I’ve found this book to be invaluable when trying to explain to people why I have chosen to carry my kids. 

Why Babywearing Matters book

It’s provided me with the knowledge base and scientific backing to stand my ground when accused of being ‘hippy-ish’ or a ‘soft parent’ (as an aside, since when did being a ‘hard parent’ become desirable?!). I have also found it very encouraging to myself that I’m making good decisions regarding raising my kids and I’m in good company!

Get your own copy here!


So there you have it. Want. Need. Wear. Read. A sling library volunteer perspective.

What would you choose as your four things?