Babywearing Coats, Jackets and Fleeces are a fantastic long-term investment for the whole family. Sling Covers are also a great option for those needing something smaller.

Parents and caregivers are increasingly aware of the importance of building a happy brain and the role that close contact plays in helping children develop optimally. Being outdoors together is therapeutic, and it is no wonder that “babywearing” is much more common than it used to be. Families often wonder how to keep on carrying whatever the weather is doing!

Carrying in all weathers

Wind can be uncomfortable to be out in, and in rain and hail and snow, life has to go on. Babies and bags still need to be carried. Umbrellas don’t always provide the answer and oversized jackets may not keep your child dry, and won’t work very well for back carries. They won’t protect you from the wind and drips can get in!Lenny Lamb Softshell Coat Charcoal

In cold weather, it can feel a challenge to work out how to keep your child warm and it is tempting to put on thick cuddly snowsuits and then pop them in the sling. This then brings the risk of overheating and sleepy babies slumping down into their snowsuits which can have an impact on their airway. It is hard to fit a carrier well over your own coat, things can slip around and be hard to tighten with all the padding.

This is one reason why a specialist babywearing coat or jacket can be so very helpful; it eliminates a lot of problems!

Read more about carrying safely in the cold here.

Layering Matters

This is where layering of clothing is so very useful. Babywearing coats, jackets, fleeces and sling covers are worn over the top of parent and child in the sling, allowing a much greater level of temperature control. Well-designed babywearing clothing will avoid placing fabric near a baby’s face and the hoods will be the right size or adaptable. All fabrics near a child should be safety tested as we all know how much children like to chew! All the coats and fleeces and covers we stock are top quality.

fleece hood mint pandaProtect Extremities

It is important to keep little heads and necks warm; children are very good at pulling hats off! We tend to recommend fleece hoods that will keep ears and necks warm, and flexible leggings with lots of socks or tights, and warm soft boots that won’t fall off!

Babywearing coats, jackets and fleeces are suitable for mothers during their pregnancy and the newborn stage, and then adapt to carry older children and toddlers who prefer back carries!  There are coats and jackets for dads and partners too.. as well as waterproof sling covers for those who don’t want a whole new coat.

These items are well-designed, fully tested for baby safety, hard-wearing and long-lasting (we often see our customers wearing their coats just for themselves, without little passengers, for many years afterwards!) The fleeces and sweatshirts are designed for warm cuddles, while the coats and jackets are designed to be wind and waterproof (and some are very warm for the chill as well!)

We have a fantastic range of options that are well-loved by our local customers (and we offer free shipping over £30 within the UK, and competitive rates around the world).


Our Top Picks!

Rainy weather

For rainy yet warm weather, or if you are the kind of person who likes to layer up under a thinner jacket, we recommend the Mamalila rain coat. It’s lightweight, very breathable and fully waterproof, with a pregnancy insert and a babywearing insert for front and back carrying. The Mamalila softshell jackets are a little warmer and would be perfect for spring or autumn with an extra layer in winter, very much an all-weather option.

Cold but dry weather

I’m not a fan of getting wet but I do love walks on cold frosty days, so invigorating. This is where fleeces, sweatshirts and sling covers can be very useful! We love the Lenny Lamb ranges for their softness and style, and the Boba Vests/Hoodies for adding an extra lightweight layer underneath your own clothes.

Cold and wet weather

Sometimes you just need to be warm AND dry as rain is unpredictable, especially on our green and damp island!

The Mamalila and Lenny Lamb softshell coats are perfect for this. They’re both waterproof, come with several inserts, allow front and back carries and are lined with a thin polar fleece layer thad adds warmth without making you sweaty. They’re both adjustable to fit around you and baby with a zip down the back for when you want to do back carries, and have hoods (for you and for baby).

The Mamalila coats have a more jacket-like appearance and come in a range of colours, some very bright!

The Lenny Lamb coats are a little longer than the Mamalila jackets and have a more fitted appearance.  They have an extra touch of luxury with the woven fabric features. The hoods can be removed, and they come with an extra insert if you wish to do tandem carries!

Very cold (and wet) weather

For winter carrying in all weathers, we recommend the Wombat&Co range of babywearing coats. These are fully waterproof with a man-made sheepskin/furry lining for the extra warmth you need. They come with a pregnancy and a babywearing insert, these can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

The ladies’ Wallaby coat comes with a super stylish hood and snood that popper on for extra snuggly luxury. The men’s Bandicoot coat has a furry trim.

These are our warmest coats for the cold weather.

Review from Abigail

I’m very happy with the Wombat Wallaby!
I have had a few babywearing jackets/coats before, but this one ticks all the boxes. It’s a lovely winter coat, very practical yet stylish (doesn’t look too sporty; rather elegant) and it’s great for (southern) Norwegian climate too! I like the detachable collar very much. The collar can be used in various ways and solves the problem with scarves that I had before (scarves ending up covering baby’s face).

I have only used it for front carrying so far, with my nearly three months old baby. But I like the idea that you can put it on like on normal when the child is on the back, instead of throwing it over your and your child’s head or struggling otherwise.

babywearing coats

Sling Covers

Sometimes you just need something small and quick and simple; the Bundle Bean sling covers are among our favourites. They come in very light and compact bundles for rainy weather, or in a fleece lined version (that will also fit over the buggy!) These have small straps that attach around the carrier itself, so you will need your own coat for yourself.

We also like the super snuggly Isara baby carrier cover range, as well as the simple and stylish Ergobaby option.

You and your child can stay close together, warm and dry whatever the weather.Get in touch if you have some more queries, and don't forget you can try all these on in person at the shop on Leadmill Road in Sheffield!