My New Year resolutions.

Can I just start by saying I hate New Year resolutions? A year is a really long time to stick at something or start a new habit and I’m not very good at it. Then I end up feeling like I’ve failed!

So this year my resolution is to have New Year ‘intentions’. My husband would argue that this is just semantics but it makes me feel like they are more achievable.

My New Year intentions.

When I’d been reflecting on this (while doing a 3am feed with a poorly toddler) this is what came to mind…

My first intention – Declutter.

My ongoing battle to have less stuff but be happier with what I have continues- not helped by the influx of tat over Christmas. And so first things first… declutter!

I am finding more and more love for my (growing) collection of woven wraps. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they actually tick my boxes for having less stuff that does multiple jobs. I have sizes 2, 3, 4 and 6 woven wraps and they carry both my children (1 and 3) in different ways. They also make wonderful hammocks.

I only started using woven wraps in mid 2018 and was quite intimated by how much a woven wrap could be. I have two Lenny Lamb Wraps that I love! They are lovely and soft to begin with so you don’t have to break them in but my favourite feature is that they are affordable. The Lenny Lamb basics range is good quality, soft, easy to use, lovely to look at but won’t break the bank. What’s not to love?

New year resolutions

You can see the range Sling Spot have at

If you see something you like on the Lenny Lamb website they will order it in for you to save on postage!

My second intention – Self-Care.

I’m not very good at self care and all that jazz. In the pecking order of life at our house it doesn’t come very high. But this year, for my own sanity and that of everyone else, I’m taking a bit of me time. This will take different forms I’m sure.

When I stop breastfeeding my small one (no idea when that’ll be but I’m hoping this year…) I’m going to go away for a weekend. On my own. With a book. Spend 48 hours (ish) with nobody touching me! Bliss!

That being said, I love carrying the kids and I want to perfect a double hammock carry- it’s my woven wrap nemesis! I might even book another workshop or 1:1 to go over some different carries or learn some new ones. I quite fancy finding out more ways to carry using a sling ring. Watch this space!

1:1 consults are brilliant for learning new skills and workshops are great for doing thins while meeting new people with similar interests. Also means there is always someone else to ask the ‘stupid’ questions. Usually me! It also makes me feel like I’m investing in the kids – finding new ways to keep them close when they need it and build a happy brain.

See what workshops are coming up and book on at

Or book a 1:1 at

My third intention – get out more.

I’m not an outdoor type of person. I don’t like to be cold and wet. But I have a wonderful baby-wearing coat and I need to use it more!

My coat has hands down been the best thing I’ve purchased for motherhood. So much so I have 2…and a fleece. They are totally worth the investment. I’m yet to meet anyone that bought a good quality coat and regretted it! This week I carried my 3 year old with her legs well covered inside my coat with room to spare, so I’ve got at least another 2 years of use out of them for babywearing, then a life time of it being a normal coat!

See the babywearing coat range at

So there you have it – 3 new year intentions!

Happy new year to you. Hope you have lots of slingy adventures!