Children's Rainbow Oxytocin T-Shirt

Oxytocin is the hormone of bonding and connection. Holding and carrying children encourages its release, helping to build a happy brain and supporting families to thrive. We love this Carrying Matters tee, made from super soft cotton and very easy to wear!



Children’s Rainbow Oxytocin T-Shirt – #CarryingMatters Black

This is the smaller version of the popular t-shirt so that your little one can match you! The Children’s Rainbow Oxytocin T-Shirt – Black is made with super soft cotton. Brightly embellished with a rainbow coloured oxytocin molecule, the hormone that encourages bonding, it’s eyecatching and spreads the important message that holding and carrying children matters.

Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment and ensure a fair deal for the cotton farmers. We feel this makes the clothing more lovable and more ethical, so comes layered with some feel good positivity.

This is from our Carrying Matters range of products. For more information, please see the Carrying Matters website.


A note to our International Customers! We can ship these T-Shirts to some non-EU countries, please email us if you’d like a postage quote!

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9-11m, 1-2y, 3-4y, 5-6y, 7-8y


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