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Even big kids need snuggles! The Easy Feel Soft Structured Preschool Carrier Indigo helps you carry your older child safely and very comfortably.

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Easy Feel Preschool Soft Structured Carrier Indigo

Easy Feel Preschool Soft Structured Carrier Indigo means that even big kids can be carried in this amazing ergonomic carrier.

Did you know that carrying doesn’t have to stop when your child gets older? This particularly large EasyFeel buckle carrier is designed for older children and is perfect for kids who might have outgrown a preschool carrier but still find they may need a carry from time to time!

It’s also useful for those with additional needs as an alternative to using a wheelchair or as a sensory helper for those who might get overwhelmed by sensory input.

The carrier is also super comfy! The shoulder straps and waistband are wide and well padded to help spread the weight of the child more evenly.

This innovative, adjustable carrier is available in a range of colours and designs. Each carrier is checked at manufacture and double checked to ensure that you can enjoy freedom without worrying about your child’s safety, and it meets the minimum safety standards.

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  • Suitable for kids 16 kgs to 26 kgs (Please note this is the maximum weight tested by the laboratory; this carrier will carry children much heavier than this due to its durable construction. We have tested this out ourselves!)
  • 100% Cotton Khadi fabric which is very lightweight yet very sturdy & breathable.
  • Suitable for front & back carries
  • Adjustable shoulders straps, waistband, and chest clip
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters (to ensure the shoulder straps sit nice and snug across a range of carer body size and shapes)
  • Elastic bands keep excess strap length neat and tidy
  • Includes a front pocket for on-the-go storage
  • Storable Sleep Hood
  • High quality buckles for safe baby wearing experience
  • Extra padding around leg-opening for baby’s comfort.
  • Supportive shoulder padding for your optimal comfort
  • Easy to care for and machine washable

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