Why Babywearing Matters Book Polish Edition

Rosie’s book “Why Babywearing Matters” is so popular, it has now been published in Polish as “Dlaczego noszenie ma znaczenie?” Written in an easy to read and engaging style, it is packed full of information (from a solid evidence base) about all the wonderful things that happen to families when babies are held close and why secure attachment is so important for the health of our society. Useful for health care professionals wanting to know more, she discusses the research around the topic, and unpacks why the ancient practice of carrying children has declined in modern society. The book also includes information about the major types of carrier and how to use them, as well as carrying in special circumstances. **If you would like a signed copy please indicate this in the “order notes” at checkout.**

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Why Babywearing Matters book Polish Edition

Dlaczego noszenie ma znaczenie?

Why Babywearing Matters Book Polish Edition – Evidence continues to increase around the practical and emotional benefits of carrying, both to parents and their children, which can be facilitated by the practice of babywearing,  Among many other benefits, babywearing can help parents bond with a new baby, and facilitate both breastfeeding and the care of the baby’s older siblings.

Babywearing also has benefits for society at large. Children are more securely emotionally attached and there is evidence of a link between the reduced incidence of postnatal depression and babywearing. In this new book, Rosie Knowles explores all these advantages, along with the practicalities of how to use a sling and the history of carrying behaviour. She demonstrates how a clearer understanding of carrying, babywearing, and the attachment theory philosophy as a whole, can ultimately lead to a happier, healthier society.

**If you would like a signed copy please indicate this in the “order notes” at checkout.**

Why Babywearing Matters Book Polish Edition is also available in English.


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