As we run a sling library ourselves (Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library) we know the enormous value such services provides to the local parenting community. Just as we do, they will help you learn how to carry your baby safely and identify some of the types of carrier that might suit you best.

Your local sling library can be found on the Sling Pages.

Our Sling Guide covers topics such as “why use a sling”   or “how to use the different types of sling” may be helpful, feel free to email us for some guidance.

If you are a library and would like to have some of our products in your stock for parents to try, or a code for your library customers who would like one of our products, please get in touch to discuss. We ask you to share codes confidentially with known library users, rather than publicly.

Please note we are often bound by contracts with manufacturers regarding library offers.

We have downloadable resources on THIS LINK (Rosie’s Carrying Matters website) and are happy to send physical copies of our “Carry Safe Carry Well” leaflets (a glimpse below) for the cost of print and postage. They can be bought here (in packs of 50).

Carry Well and carry safely leaflets